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Welcome to Doctor Natural

Doctor Natural wishes to provide a healthy future by correct Ayurvedic Treatment with Ayurvedic and Homeopathy Medicines. As the Technology and Life Style has changed today, Quality Care can be offered in the comfort of your Home.

It brings to you Homeopathic Consultation and Treatment at the click of a mouse. The treatment provided is purely based on Classical Homeopathy approach and not bluntly symptomatic. We believe in bringing a dipper experience / Sense of Health in the patients who have been suffering from many years. We believe in providing long lasting relief and comfort even after Patients have stopped the medicines. It is predominantly a System Approach and not a Disease Approach and that is why once you treat, the effect of the treatment remains much longer and relatively permanently.

Regular consultation Rs.300/- (valid for one week)

Senior Consultation Rs.500/- (valid for one week)

Our Ayurvedic & Homeopathy Medicine, Online Treatment Services in India

Below are our online medical services for which we provide treatment, advice and medicines. For other diseases or illness you can mail us your problems in details.

Our Expert Doctor's Panel

Ayurvedic & Homeopathic Medicine Experts
Our doctor's panel is a team of physicians who have experience of many years and run a busy clinic in India, with excellent results. The primary endeavour of our doctors at Speciality Clinic is to serve Mankind and relieve patients from their sufferings.

Our Mission

Our team comprises of Doctors who are keen to help the sick, and their only mission is to bring about permanent relief and restore the sick to health without further complicating the case. The advantage is that Homeopathy & Ayurvedic Medicine doesn't have any known side effects.

Our Approach

We treat the individual not only his illness diseases symptoms but also We follow the individualistic and holistic approach which considers the whole individual for treatment. We assure to alleviate your sufferings in the best possible manner provided your given correct and honest history.